5 Benefits of Buying a New Construction Home

5 Benefits of Buying a New Construction Home

Searching the market for the perfect home in your desired area with a specific budget can often be difficult, even impossible! New construction homes allow homeowners to build their desired homes to their specifications. It is important to understand what you are getting into when considering a custom-built home.
What has brought about this desire for new construction? With recent developments in the work world, homeowners are realizing the benefits of working from home. Having a large office and plenty of living space for homebuyers is enticing for individuals working from home. According to Forbes, “Working from home allowed people to reexamine what they needed and what they didn’t. And many decided that they didn’t need an expensive apartment or house in a pricey city. So off they went to the suburbs, exurbs, and even the country.”

Low-Cost Maintenance

New homes allow you to not worry about necessary repairs for the first couple of years. This means you will be spending less money and time trying to replace or repair anything the previous owners neglected. In addition, some new construction homes come with a range of warranties.

Modern Floor Plans

Some older homes feature smaller windows and lower ceilings. New construction allows you to choose an open concept and modern design that fits all of your current and future needs. Depending on the neighborhood and builders, you can choose additional options such as a basement, walk-in closets, or a large eat-in kitchen. The options are endless!

Home Designed for Your Style

Want stunning hardwood floors throughout or only want carpet in the bedrooms? You get to pick! In preowned homes, you’ll have to worry about ripping up that old carpet or linoleum to find who knows what underneath. Choosing new construction gives you the unique opportunity to choose the finishing touches on your home to best reflect your style. Pick the paint you want in each room, cabinet materials, kitchen countertops, and even appliances.

More Energy Efficiency

Point blank: new construction homes are more energy-efficient than homes made in previous decades. The advancement of technology and innovations has allowed builders to create homes that lower electricity and gas bills every month. From improved insulation and windows to advanced heating and cooling systems. If maintained, you won’t worry about replacing systems for years to come.

New Community Means New Amenities

New construction is usually built in newer locations on prime land. With new roads, sprinkler systems, paved sidewalks, and top features of newer subdivisions. Some new communities are adding pools, tennis courts, playgrounds, gyms, and other amenities.
There are benefits to new construction, however, there are cons to consider. From builder restrictions to price tags or timelines, new construction has many building points that new homeowners need to consider.


Restrictions of Builder

Having an experienced builder is important to be confident in the quality of the home. Builders often have their own style or concepts they include in the original blueprint of the home. Connect with previous homeowners or real estate regents that have experience working with the builders. In addition, consider walking through or driving by some of their previous work to understand the architectural layout and design of their homes. 
When it comes to the overall design of the home, some builders may restrict your options on the final details of the home. Make sure you communicate with the builder and understand the options you will be able to choose from. 
Construction could take months to finish. Some builders hire third-party contractors and workers to build their homes. Sometimes these individuals are booked out for months. Weather and the shipping of materials also play a factor in the timeline of a new home.

Costs of New Builds

New builds cost a lot! From high-quality materials, manual labor, and finishing upgrades, new construction costs more in comparison to traditional properties.
Once construction is complete, you may have to pay extra to landscape your new home. Developers often tear down a large portion of the natural vegetation when building the home. Consider speaking with your builder about included landscaping or what third parties they recommend.
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